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DVD and PVR Players

DVD Players allow you to play a huge catalogue of Movies, Documentaries and much more on your TV, DVD Players are somewhat backward compatible in that they will play CDs too.

When choosing a DVD Player consider what you need to connect it to and what you wish to get out of it, Some DVD Players Are PVRs (Personal Video Recorder) too, allowing you to record to either a HDD within them or even other forms of media such as USB.

What Are Bluray Players?

Bluray Players are are similar to DVD Players and PVRs in that they play a disc, in this instance naturally a Bluray Disc, capable of holding a lot more information and data than a DVD or CD can, this allows higher resolution videos, more defined audio for your surround system and even interactive menus. BluRay Players are also available as PVR or DVR as well adding to your connectivity options in decluttering your set up.

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