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What is the difference between a ceramic cooktop and an induction cooktop?

It's no wonder that most find this confusing because both cooktops use a ceramic surface.  The difference lies between the technology they use. Ceramic cooktops use a heating element to heat the whole hotplate.  Therefore, if the hotplate is 25cm the whole area glows orange, heats up and transfers the heat to the pan.  Induction cooktops use magentic energy and will only heat the surface area of the saucepan, not the whole hotplate zone.  Induction cooktops don't transfer heat ie they don't glow orange.  The magnetic energy transfers to the pan which heats itself resulting more even heat and better control over hot and warm temperatures making them much safer to use.

What is the Best Type of Dishwasher to buy?

Short answer: The one that fits your lifestyle and budget.  Longer answer: How many people will use the dishwasher? Look for a place setting indicating how many peoples dishes will fit in the dishwasher.  Check energy and water efficiency where you can save on the running costs. Check features eg noise reducton, start time delay ie start when electricty tarrifs are cheaper, functions eg heavy wash, eco wash, quick wash, glass wash etc.. and what it looks like eg colour, finish or custom paneling to blend in with your kitchen.  Are you renting? A mobile dishwasher can move with you.  Check the length of the warranty.  When all is considered, buy the best dishwasher that suits your space, lifetsyle and budget.

What is an inverter microwave?

Inverter microwaves heat food using a consistent temperature stream for an even spread of heat during the heating process.  Traditional microwaves would throttle power in waves by using microwaves in bursts for few seconds and then turn off few a few seconds. The process would repeat until the cylce finished which would result in uneven heating ie cold spots in the food.  Inverter microwaves are more energy efficient and tend to leave more nutrients on the food.

What is a pyrolytic oven?

Prolytic ovens are sometimes called self cleaning ovens.  They use a very high temperature to incinerate residual food inside the oven leaving a fine ash when finished.  The ash is simply wiped away with a damp cloth without the need for chemical oven cleaners and harsh scrubbing.  They are very well insulated which makes them more efficient and the kitchen cooler!

What is a multi function oven?

Most modern ovens contain multiple heating elements positioned in different parts of the oven allowing the choice of which elements to use.  Combined with a fan, grill and other accessories makes the oven very versatile. These can aslo be used in combination giving rise to the term multi function.

Which Type of Rangehood is Best?

It depends on your kitchen layout and how space you have.  There are four distinct styles of rangehoods:  Canopy, Undermount/integrated, slideout and fixed rangehoods.  Each purpose built to function in different envionments.  Canopy rangehoods are completely exposed with a flue directly over the cooktop ideal for large or commercial kitchens. Undermout/integrated rangehoods are built into and concealed by the existing kitchen cabinetry.  Great for small/medium kitchens or apartment living. Slideout rangehoods switch on or off as they slide out.  Not as powerful as a canopy rangehoods, they can be installed into existing kitchen cabinetry and retract in and out. Ideal in smaller kitchens.  Fixed ranged hoods are generally wall mounted and better suited to small kitchens.  Consider warranty, noise, extraction rate, colour and finish.

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