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Hisense 179L Bar Fridge in Red or Black: Where will you put it?

Feb 23, 2022 | Fridges, Hisense

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I’m a long time lover of all things extra. Why have something plain when you can have a tiny piece of personal extravagance? I want my possessions to not just be functional but to make me feel things in my withered husk of a heart. Awaken my spirit. Inspire me daily. Or maybe just look a bit nicer than average. I’ve got just the thing!

The Hisense 179L Bar Fridge in a zesty, raging Red or a classic, classy Black finish. You can win both of these this month with us by the way, check out our Facebook page for more details! Let’s talk about the features first and then I’ll talk about the different ways you could use this fridge that I hope you can be inspired by.


You may have noticed that the Hisense 179L Bar Fridge is a bit taller than the average bar fridge, this is great for those who need that in-between size or more height in their bar fridge.

Open the door and at the top is a Chiller Zone which keeps food stored a few degrees above freezing. The Chiller Zone is designed with a semi-automatic frost system, which makes defrosting the Chiller Zone compartment super easy. All you have to do is press a button.

The interior cavity features LED lighting which is brighter and more energy efficient than traditional lighting, so you can see everything you need to.

If you need to store bulkier items like a 2L soft drink bottle, the XXL door balcony gives you enough space to store these things upright for ultimate convenience.

At the bottom is a fruit and vegetable crisper to store your healthy bits and pieces separately from the rest of the fridge.

Close the door and you’ll notice the modern curve door design and the stylish colour (either Red or Black) which compliments your decor.

But where to put it?

Man Cave/She Shed

Blog Bar Fridge Home Cave

Let’s start with the good old Man Cave or She Shed. This is your space away from the tests and trifles of the day, you can go in there and kick back and relax doing whatever it is that warms your heart. Whether it’s TV watching, video games playing, or book reading, you might get thirsty or hungry for a little sneaky snack. Chuck the Hisense Bar Fridge in and you can store your little treats in there for when you need them.

Home Gym

Blog Bar Fridge Home Gym

The key to a good home gym is not having any excuses to leave it while you’re in the middle of a workout. I know if I have to leave in the middle of a workout there’s always the risk that I will not return. Having your chilled drinks in the fridge right near you will help keep you hydrated and motivated! Winners all round.


Blog Bar Fridge Home Salon

If you’re a hairdresser, beauty therapist or nail technician and you run your own salon you probably have one of those dinky little storerooms with your washer and dryer, towels and a coffee machine. This fridge is smaller than a regular fridge but will hold all your bottles of milk and employee lunches while taking up minimal floor space. Choose the Black finish to match the traditional black uniform of those in the beauty industry. Also did you know you can use a slow cooker as a towel warmer? You do now.

Home Office

Blog Bar Fridge Home Office

Pop it in your home office for two reasons: firstly, the convenience of having treats, snacks and drinks right near your desk, and secondly for the whimsical delight of your coworkers saying “is that a fridge?!” in your zoom meetings. Forget the muesli bar, have a beautifully crafted charcuterie board for your morning tea.


Blog Bar Fridge Bedroom

Are you a midnight snacker but you don’t want to navigate in the dark through the perilous trail of destruction your child left in his wake immediately before he passed out earlier that night? Keep the fridge in your bedroom and instead of having a handful of grated cheese and two marshmallows at 2am, you can have a whole professionally decorated birthday cake.


Blog Bar Fridge Bathroom

Shower beers? Also many skincare formulas containing vitamin C or retinol (anything that comes in a dark coloured bottle) will keep longer in the fridge. Sure that could be the kitchen fridge but that’s not the point of this blog is it.


Blog Bar Fridge Backup

If you’ve just done a mammoth shop and you need somewhere to put the groceries that you just can’t cram into your main fridge, this one is a fab choice as a backup fridge with its XXL door balcony and fruit and veg crisper. You could even keep it in the garage as your drinks fridge. Here’s a handy tip: smuggle the treats in and keep them in this fridge, cleverly disguised in old butter containers and never share your treats with your beautiful family ever again. Genius!

Wherever, Whenever

These are just a few ideas for where to put this brilliant bar fridge. Let yourself be inspired and let your heart tell you where to put the Hisense 179L Bar Fridge and smile every time you look at it. If this floats your boat you can sail on into your local Bi-Rite store to see it for yourself or shop online to get yours.

Where would you put your fridge??

Megan Holden-Wells

Megan Holden-Wells

Bi-Rite Content Author

Megan is a Qualified Journalist / Working Mum / Shopaholic / Air Fryer Enthusiast

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