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CHiQ 5 Year Warranty

CHiQ 5 Year Warranty
CHiQ 5 Year Warranty

Start Date: 1 July, 2019 - Ending Date: 31 January, 2020

Eligible TV models: L32H5, L32G5, L40H5, L40G5, U43H6, L43G5, U43H10, L49G5, U50H6, U50G9, U50H10, U55H6, U55H10, U55G9, U58H7, U58E7, U58H7A, U58H10, U65H7, U65G9, U65H7A, U65H10, U70H9, U70G11, U75H9, U75G11, U86H9

Eligible Fridge/Freezer models: CFD463WBG, CFD462GB, CFD461GW, CSS630WD, CSS619SD, CSS618BD, CBM432W, CBM431S, CBM430B, CBM251W, CBM250S, CTM550W, CTM549B, CTM435W, CTM434S, CTM433B, CTM370W, CTM369B, CTM320W, CTM318B, CTM263W, CTM216W, CTM214B, CCF500W, CCF292W, CCF200W, CCF199S, CCF142W, CSH420W, CSH419B, CSF418S, CSF185W, CSF184S, CSR242W, CRTM213B, CRTM212R, CRTM211W, CRTM210C

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