Panasonic CSCUZ50VKR 5 Kw Cooling 6 Kw Heating Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner


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Min-Max Cooling5.00 [0.95-6.00] 17,100 BTU
Min-Max Heating6.00 [1.05-8.00] 20,500 BTU
Air Flow
Indoor Cooling/Heating L/S328/332
Dehumid L/S2.8
Electrical Data
Running Current Cooling/Heating5.10/5.80
Power Input (min-max) Cooling1.13 (0.21-2.05)
Power Input (min-max) Heating1.31 (0.23-2.65)
AEER / EER W/W4.38/4.42
ACOP / COP W/W4.54/4.58
Star Rating Cooling4
Star Rating Heating4.5
Noise Level
Sound PressureLevel*2 dB(A)
Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo) Cooling47/34/31
Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo) Heating45/33/29
Outdoor (H / Q-Lo) Cooling48/43
Outdoor (H / Q-Lo) Heating48/43
Sound Power Level dB
Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo) Cooling63/50/47
Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo) Heating61/49/45
Outdoor (H / Q-Lo) Cooling62/57
Outdoor (H / Q-Lo) Heating62/57
Refrigerator Pipe Diameter
Liquid Side mm/(inch)ø 6.35 (1/4)
Gas Side mm/(inch)ø 12.70 (1/2)
Pipe Extension Length min-max (m)3~30
Maximum Elevation Length15m
Pipe Length For Additional Gas10m
Additional Gas Amount15 g/m
Power SupplyOutdoor
Refrigerant TypeR32
Operating Range (Outdoor)
Cooling Degree °C+5 ~ +46
Heating Degree °C-15 ~ +24
Indoor (H x W x D) mm302 x 1,120 x 236
Outdoor (H x W x D)695 x 875 x 320
Net Weight Indoor (Outdoor) kg13(44)


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