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How to treat ya mum this Mother’s Day

How to treat ya mum this Mother’s Day

The mothers in your life deserve a treat. They deserve a truck full of treats backed up to their front door and a person to clean up after they’re finished with the treats.

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Appliances for O Week

Appliances for O Week

O Week is not just for undergrads. Mature age students and lecturers are also gearing up for the semester/trimester. Here are some things you might need.

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Which Hair Dryer Should I Buy?

Temperature control and frequency of use are 2 important considerations when purchasing a hair dryer.

Touch cool is a crucial feature for all hair dryers, this ensures the surface of the appliance remains cool, so no one gets burnt. Also consider how often you will be using it.  If it's going to be used constantly, purchase a dryer with a longer working life. Remington has a large range for you to choose from that comes with either a 2 or 3 year warranty with optional backup plans to add further protection.


Which hair Straightener Should I Buy?

You may think hair straighteners are self explanatory but there are many things to consider before purchasing one. The first thing is being whether you would like to use it to straighten as well as curl your hair. If so, choose one in which the outer edges of the plates are rounded as this will make curling easier. The next important thing is plate width, wider plates means faster straightening. Temperature controls can make or break the effectiveness of hair straighteners.

If it heats up quickly to a high temperature it will allow straightening to be done efficiently and effectively. Remington is a good choice with a large selection of high quality tools. They all come with a 2 year warranty as well and option backup plans for extra protection.

What Laser Removal product Should I Buy?

Laser hair removal just became less painless and quicker. It uses a modern technology that stuns hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out in a natural way. Another technology that is built into this device is IPL, this suppresses growth allowing you to have silky and smooth skin for longer periods at a time.

If your product has a large light area, this will be beneficial as you will be able to remove hair from areas of your body faster. Of course everyone is different, so depending on your personal skin preferences, there are adjustable settings and auto energy levels, so you can make your device perfect for you.

Although there isn't a big range of hair removal products to choose from, Remington is the leader with very high quality products that come with a brilliant 2 year warranty and optional backup plan for longer protection.

Buying a Mens Shaver

It may be handy, to purchase a shaver with a built in trimmer, as this plays a part in saving space in your wash bag as well as cupboard. The best brands in the personal care industry, including VS Sassoon and Remington have a large selection of men's shavers for you to choose from. They all come with a 2 year warranty and make shaving easier than ever.

Buying a Women's Shaver

There are a couple of different shaving tools for women. Remington are the market leader and come with a 2 year warranty. Common are trimmers, shavers and epilators. Epilators are good for long term hair removal as they extract hairs from the root. They also aim to make hair thinner, meaning you can spend less time on your hair in the future.

Modern shavers have a wet and dry function which will allow you to shave in the shower, decreasing time spent on removing hair. Trimmers are handy for removing hair from sensitive and specialised areas where you need to do precision work.

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