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About Desk Fans

Small and compact, desk fans will provide a cool steam of air in a small workspace. Air multipliers may be a safer option around children. Air multipliers have no visible moving or fast-spinning blades; instead, blades are hidden inside the base minimising risk of injury. Some desk fans have a clamp to fasten to a desk and some have remotes to operate the fan at a distance.

What is Pedestal Fan?

Pedestal fans stand upright on a fixed base.  They are a cost effective, portable solution for cooling a space. Easy to assemble and operate, pedestal fans come in various sizes and speeds. Most are height adjustable with a speed control on the stem and an oscillation control at the rear. Most fans come with a 1 or 2 year warranty with an optional backup plan for added protection.

What is a Tower Fan?

Often tower fans have concealed blades making them a much safer option around children or pets. Quiet and lightweight, tower fans are slim, easy to position in any room and stand about waist high. They are inconspicuous and often more powerful than their pedestal counterpart. Some tower fans have a built in carry handle for easy relocation. All tower fans come with a warranty and optional backup plan for added protection.

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