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Which Type of Rangehood is Best?

It depends on your kitchen layout and how space you have.  There are four distinct styles of rangehoods:  Canopy, Undermount/integrated, slideout and fixed rangehoods.  Each purpose built to function in different envionments.  Canopy rangehoods are completely exposed with a flue directly over the cooktop ideal for large or commercial kitchens. Undermout/integrated rangehoods are built into and concealed by the existing kitchen cabinetry.  Great for small/medium kitchens or apartment living. Slideout rangehoods switch on or off as they slide out.  Not as powerful as a canopy rangehoods, they can be installed into existing kitchen cabinetry and retract in and out. Ideal in smaller kitchens.  Fixed ranged hoods are generally wall mounted and better suited to small kitchens.  Consider warranty, noise, extraction rate, colour and finish.

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