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Modern Speakers

Modern speakers are smaller, lightweight and versatile enabling several different modes of playback with some speakers utilising wireless technology.  Bluetooth allows playback from a phone and rechargeable portable speakers allow music anywhere. Fixed stereo speakers can be wirelessly placed throughout the home without the need for complicated cabling and audio ports.

About In ear Headphones

In ear headphones lay on your ear. They tend to be light and small making them easy to carry around. Surrounding noises are still audible, however not to the point where it disturbs you. This is suitable for use at home or when riding a bike, as you will still hear oncoming traffic.

Since the headphones rest on your ear rather than over it, you avoid the sensation of burning ears over a long period of use. It is definitely the more comfortable option. Big brands such as Panasonic and Urbanista offer a wide range of options, including different colours and styles, and a 1 year warranty.

About Over ear Headphones

Over ear headphones, lay over the ears. They tend to block out more ambient noise.   Noise cancelling technology will block almost all outside noise for a far superior audio experience.  Both wired and wireless over the ear headphones are very comfortable to wear with cushioning surrounding the ear pieces that both add comfort and noise reduction.


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