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What is QNED? TV Tech Explained

Nov 23, 2022 | Home Appliance Buying Guides, LG, TVs

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At Bi-Rite it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve never met an LG TV we didn’t like. We love TVs in general, let’s face it I mean TVs are pretty great. After a long day on the tools (my computer) I love to come home and sit on the lounge and feast my eyeballs on whichever serial killer documentary is trendy at the moment. I’m a cliche like that.

Sometimes, though, I want to play video games. I want to play a first person shooter while my beautiful family sleeps and I should be asleep too, but I’m not. I’m playing a first person shooter and whisper-shouting abuse into my headset.

Other times I want to watch an epic movie. The latest Oscar-bait, with a lineup of the very biggest names in Hollywood and a budget that would make James Cameron blush.

I even like to watch the odd game of football. I have a few jerseys with my team’s livery, I’ve been to games live and I’ve engaged in heated social media debates about how the bunker is ruining the game.

All this is to say that my needs for a TV are diverse, I need a TV that can show me all of these things in crisp, clear and delightful picture. I want to be stunned, so I’m watching LG QNED.


What is QNED?

I don’t blame you for getting lost in the alphabet soup. TV tech is full of newness and innovation, so I’m here for you to explain what these terms mean for the next time you’re shopping for a big screen TV.

Without getting too techy, QNED fuses the two technologies of a Quantum Dot and the LG NanoCell filter to create a display that is extremely rich, vibrant and true to colour.

Basically both the Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies use tiny particles to create bold, accurate colours and contrast. The Quantum Dot achieves this through billions of tiny nanocrystals which sit about the backlight in the TV panel and emit light. The size of the crystals and the sheer number of them means that the colour and picture are very crisp and precise.

NanoCell is basically a filter layer in the TV panel which essentially purifies the colours emitted for a better depth of true colour.

QNED combines both of these with Mini LED backlighting to create a brilliant array of colours at all different viewing angles. LG QNED goes a step further with their local dimming technology which uses deep-learning algorithms to map and send object information to backlight dimming blocks, creating sharper, more natural images while minimising halo effect or light bleed. In the barest of terms dimming zones = richer blacks and crisp picture.

LG QNED TVs also come packed with LG’s amazing processors, ThinQ AI and WebOS and all of your favourite streaming platforms brought together mean you can easily find something to watch pretty much all the time.


What is QNED good for?

For the gamers, LG TV comes with NVIDIA GeForce built in for high quality visuals, high FPS and low latency gaming.

For the diehard sports fans, your ThinQ AI profile can be set up to give you important sports updates and reminders in real time, even when you’re watching something else on the TV! Of course, when you are watching the game you can get lost in the action with accurate picture and colour so it feels more real to watch than ever before.

Finally, film buffs! Check out Filmmaker Mode to watch films as the director intended.

TV tech is full of innovation and newness, when it comes to choosing the best TV for your space, lifestyle and budget we’re here to help! Come into one of our stores and chat to our local experts to find the perfect TV for you.

Megan Holden-Wells

Megan Holden-Wells

Bi-Rite Content Author

Megan is a Qualified Journalist / Working Mum / Shopaholic / Air Fryer Enthusiast

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