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How to treat ya mum this Mother’s Day

May 3, 2022 | Beko, Gifts, Hisense, Home Appliance Buying Guides, Panasonic, Sunbeam

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The mothers in your life deserve a treat. They deserve a truck full of treats backed up to their front door and a person to clean up after they’re finished with the treats.

But how? Where do I start? Dear reader, of course I’ve got some ideas.

Make her a coffee in the morning

Sunbeam EM4300K Black Mini Barista Espresso Machine Front EspressoEasy peasy, it’ll take you five minutes. What’s better is if you serve her a coffee and then reveal to her you made it on her new coffee machine!

This one is the Sunbeam Black Mini Barista Espresso Machine, you can find this one and loads more here.

Tell her she’s looking fine

Remington AC8901AU Hydraluxe Hair Dryer Attachments

We all love new hair products, the Remington Hydralux Hair Dryer (pictured) features a Hydracare setting and a Moisture Lock Ceramic Coated Grille to create a fabulous blow dry with hair that looks healthy, smooth and hydrated.

Make her a microwave mug cake in less than 5 min

Take the following ingredients, mix the dry ingredients together first and then stir in the wet ingredients. Pop it in the microwave for about 1 min 45 seconds and serve with whipped cream.

¼ cup all-purpose flour
¼ cup white sugar
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
⅛ teaspoon baking soda
⅛ teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 tablespoon water
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

If your microwave is a bit old and sad (or non-existent) then try this one from Panasonic. The flatbed cavity means there’s no turntable, so you can fit larger or irregularly shaped dishes in.

A massage sounds nice

If mums into sport then she knows the power of massage as a tool to aid recovery. The Conair Body Benefits Kinetics Percussive Massage Device puts the power in her hands, with 4 speed settings, 3 interchangeable heads and a lithium-ion battery with a 120 minute run time, mum can enjoy a massage whenever, wherever.

Clean up the house

Beko PractiClean Power Stick Vacuum Cleaner VRT82821BV Main

If you live there too then really it’s the least you can do, if you’ve long moved out of home then mum might appreciate the help. If you get her a schmick new vacuum she might find it easier to clean the rest of the time. We’ve got a whole range of stick vacs, barrel vacs and carpet and floor washers for you to explore. This one (pictured) is the Beko Practiclean features powerful suction, an extra battery and a range of tools for all the different surfaces and crevices of the home.

Put on her favourite tunes

Is she partial to a little country music? Hip hop? Rap music? Pop? Whatever her jam, put on her favourite music and watch her drop it low, remembering her youth and how it felt to be able to stay out all night and walk home with her heels in one hand and a kebab in the other. Here’s our selection of speakers, our pick is the Grundig Solo Bluetooth Speaker, with a 30m range and up to 20 hours of battery life, it’s easy for mum to use and its small size makes it highly portable from room to room.

Get her a fridge just for her favourite foods and drinks

Make the fridge off limits to everyone except her so she can put whatever she wants inside without the risk of tiny, sticky hands sneaking in and snatching up all her chocolate. Or much larger, older hands pinching her drinks. We love the Hisense 179L Bar Fridge - it comes in either red or black to match any decor, and it’s a bit taller than a traditional bar fridge so it has that added class factor and versatility. We’ve got a whole blog on this model - it’s great!

Buy her a new TV and lock in your status as the favourite child forever

Hisense 65A7G Main

Imagine mum’s face as she comes home to a brand new TV on the wall with a soundbar ready for her to watch MAFS or Netflix or some other super intellectual SBS doco. We like this Hisense TV - it’s a superb choice for those looking for crisp 4K picture quality that offers stunning colour, image clarity and striking contrast. With premium features such as Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos, Wide Colour Gamut and Direct Lighting, the UHD 4K TV offers a vibrant viewing experience that makes everything appear more realistic. The TV is also equipped with the latest VIDAA U5 Operating System which features Voice Control Technology and lots of new apps, including Kayo Sports.

Add on the TCL 2.1ch Soundbar for bigger, clearer sound and every time she watches TV she’ll be reminded of who the Best Child is (it is you!)

We love you, mums!

The love of a mother is second to none, they casually perform miracles every day of the week and all they ask for in return is the odd kiss on the cheek and a few litres of coffee. We’ve got a huge range of gifts for the mothers in your life, so find your local store and come chat to one of our appliance enthusiasts today.

Megan Holden-Wells

Megan Holden-Wells

Bi-Rite Content Author

Megan is a Qualified Journalist / Working Mum / Shopaholic / Air Fryer Enthusiast

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