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Add Your favourite Recipe to the Bi-Rite Community Cookbook

Last year sometime, we ran several facebook giveaways with a food theme.  Many of the ideas were simply outstanding and we quickly realized that our Bi-Rite community were fantastic cooks.

Wouldn't it be great if we were to collate all those brilliant ideas into a Bi-Rite Community cookbook!

If you have a great recipe that you'd like to share, then please send it in.

Adding your Recipe is easy!

Step 1: Download the recipe form and type up your recipe.

Step 2: Take a photograph of your finished recipe

Step 3: Submit your recipe form and photograph

Submission guidelines here.

Submit your recipe in ONE of Three ways

Via email

OR Drop your recipe form and photograph into the upload box below.


Submission Guidelines
  1. Each recipe must have a photo taken with your phone.  Do not take images from the internet
  2. Recipe's will be added to the Bi-Rite website
  3. Your recipe will appear with your first name only AND your suburb/town
  4. Your email is NOT shown on the website.  Its used so that we can contact you.
  5. You may optionally include a social profile URL (eg facebook, instagram etc...) so that people may connect with you
  6. Do not submit recipes that use alcohol or any other inappropriate ingredients
  7. Do not submit recipes copied from other websites.
  8. 6 x monthly winners chosen at random.
  9. Recipes may be removed without notice.
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